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MGCPM SKILLS a Skill development organization and Affiliated Training Partner of PMKVY.

As you are well aware of the fact that PMKVY-2.0(2016-2020) is about to start very soon and the seats under the said scheme will be allocated only to accredited/validated training centers. As per the guidelines of NSDC it is mandatory that every center should be accreditation/validated before the commencement of any batch. NSDC has defined the center validation/accreditation fees as well as the process to validate/accredited the Trading Center. Also SSC has defined about the criteria for minimum required infra-structure for Training Center.

As per the NSDC Guidelines for PMKVY 2.0 (2016-2020) ,it is mandatory that the trainers/faculty should be trained/ certified before start of the batch. Also SSC has defined about the criteria for minimum qualifications requirement of faculty as per Job Roles.

Every center has to ensure that the NSDC approved banners, standees & other promotional material should be displayed outside as well as inside of the center.

Looking forward for your quick & active response for participation in PMKVY-2.0(2016-2020). As a Part of accreditation/validation process you need to pay the center accreditation/validation fee as soon as possible so that your center can be queued in NSDC list for center validation.

Since all of you are well aware of the fact that in PMKVY-2.0(2016-2020)quota of enrollments will be allotted on quarterly basis that too for limited period of time, which means that the allotted quota has to be uploaded as per timelines of NSDC to upload the data. The Enrollment quota will be purely awarded on the basis of “First Come First Serve basis”.

CENTER VALIDATION CHARGE by PMKVY -( Accreditation + Affiliation Fee Break-Up )
Sn.  Fee Amount Description
1 Annual  Accreditation Fee 12000/Centre Cost pertaining to the on-site inspection of the TC
2 Incremental  Accreditation fee Per trade Rs. 1000 X No of trade opted on a particular Centre
Centre has to pay 1000 per trade more as annual  accreditation fee .  For example , if a center Opted for 3 trade than will have to  pay  Rs 1000X3 =  Rs 3000 ( along with 12000)
3       Affiliation  fee with  SSC       Rs 6000 X No of trade opted at the particular Centre
Center shall be charged an amount of INR 6000 for every job role affiliation by SSC.

For Example if a center is opting 1 trade , ( Sewing machine Operator( Apparel Sector) than

         Centre has to pay Rs 6000X1 = 6000 to Apparel  SSC

SO Total Fee to be paid by Training Centre will be = ( 12000 +  1*1000 + 1*6000) = Rs 19,000/-  

(Accreditation  &  Affiliation fee of  1 Centre with opted 1 job roles)

Total Fee per Centre(Accreditation + Affiliation) = ( 12000 + 7000 X No. of trade Opted on center)


Note: After centre approval PMKVY will annually charge Rs 8000/ per center as ‘Annual Continuous Monitoring Fee ‘(for more details about ‘Centre Accreditation & Affiliation fee’ refer PMKVY 2.0 ( 2016-2020) Guidelines )

Note-आपके के पास 1500 Sq.Ft. एरिया होने पर भी आप अपने ट्रेनिंग सेंटर में PMKVY 2.0 चला सकते हो !